Betvisa supports responsible gambling and makes sure that its services, whether it is sports betting or casino games, comply with industry standards. On its website, the bookmaker offers users instructions on how to identify problems and how to prevent them. Betvisa has also partnered with various international organizations dedicated to treating gambling addiction. The company was founded in 2020 and serves a large player base in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand and other parts of Asia. The bookmaker is licensed by Curaçao, which guarantees safety, honesty and legality for all its customers.

What is a responsible gambling policy?

The Responsible Gambling Policy is a set of principles, measures and practices that Betvisa applies to protect its customers. At the heart of this policy is ensuring that they remain an exciting and enjoyable activity, and promoting safe betting practices and responsible wagering.

Key provisions of the policy include:

  • Player Protection: Providing tools to help customers set time and monetary limits, ensuring ethical gambling.
  • Preventing access of minors: Ensuring that minors are prevented from accessing online bookmaker services.
  • Information and Education: Offering resources to inform customers of potential risks, and how to maintain responsible wagering habits.
  • Training: Educating staff to recognize signs of problem and offer appropriate gambling addiction support.
  • Support and Intervention: Assisting players showing signs of addiction, either directly or through referrals to specialist organizations.
  • Fair Play: Making sure all games are transparent and fair.
  • Promotion and publicity: Ensuring that all advertisements and promotions do not mislead vulnerable groups.

To summarize, the Policy stands as Betvisa’s commitment to ensuring its players’ safety, upholding ethical standards, and acting in society’s best interest.

Warning signs of gambling addiction

For many, gambling becomes a source of entertainment, but it is important to approach sports betting and gambling responsibly. However, for some, it can develop into a serious problem. Recognizing the warning signs of addiction is vital for timely intervention and betting addiction treatment. For many people grappling with this issue, the signs might not be evident initially, but they can intensify over time. Embracing problem gambling prevention methods and understanding these signs enables individuals to make informed decisions and seek the help they need.

Signs of addiction:

  • Constant thoughts of betting;
  • The need to bet large amounts of money;
  • Unsuccessful attempts at self-control;
  • Anxiety or irritability when trying to stop;
  • Chasing losses;
  • Lying to conceal the extent of the money lost;
  • Asking others to bail you out of financial problems because you lost money;
  • Losing important relationships, jobs, or schooling due to betting site responsible behavior;
  • Ignoring work, friends, family, or household responsibilities.

These signs indicate a potential problem. Recognizing them early and seeking help is very important in recovery to prevent negative consequences for the individual, finances, and society.

Tips for responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling Tips is a set of advice from experts that participants can rely on to keep their behavior under control. They are based on protective measures for players to prevent negative consequences. Betting self-exclusion, for example, provides an opportunity for users to take a break if they feel they’re over-indulging. Furthermore, establishing betting limits can prevent bettors from spending beyond their means, thereby aiding gambling harm reduction. By utilizing such tips and tools, a person can control their habits and emotions.

  • Set a budget and stick to it;
  • Always gamble with disposable income;
  • Take regular breaks;
  • Never chase losses;
  • Educate yourself about the risks;
  • Avoid betting when under emotional distress;
  • Use the user protection tools offered by Betvisa;
  • Know when and where to seek help.

Through betting limits, players can ensure they never stretch beyond their financial comfort zones. Betting self-exclusion is also a significant step that can be taken if one feels the need to step back temporarily. It’s essential to remember that while gambling can be entertaining, its primary purpose should never be as a source of income. By staying educated, taking regular breaks, and using player protection measures, individuals can ensure they have a balanced relationship with betting. 

Problem gambling prevention

Problem gambling prevention aims to provide players with tools and resources to monitor their behavior on Betvisa. It is a proactive approach aimed at preventing people from becoming addicted, providing additional safeguards.

  • Self-exclusion programs;
  • Betting limits and control;
  • Prevention of gambling among underage persons;
  • Betting responsibility tools;
  • Gambling harm minimization;
  • Player welfare measures;
  • Betting responsibly guidelines;
  • Gambling self-help resources;
  • Safe gambling practices;
  • Betting addiction counseling.

This comprehensive approach, which includes everything from self-exclusion programs to addiction counseling, ensures that users have all the resources they need to protect themselves from potential harm.

Self-exclusion programs

Online betting company Betvisa takes concrete steps to ensure the well-being of its customers. Understanding the magnitude of its responsibility, the company has implemented various programs aimed at ensuring moderation and control in gambling. These initiatives aim to provide users with the tools they need to manage their activities:

  • Self-Limitation Program;
  • Time Out Program;
  • Permanent self-exclusion;
  • Activity alerts;
  • Session reminders.

The programs offered by Betvisa show the company’s concern for the well-being of its customers. They allow you to control your actions and encourage players to monitor themselves and the time they spend on the site. 

Prevention of gambling among underage users

Responsible behavior on a betting site is a primary concern for Betvisa, especially given the vulnerabilities associated with a younger audience. We are talking about protecting the younger generation from possible addiction to gambling. Due to their impressionable age, minors may not fully understand the consequences of their actions, which can have a detrimental effect on their mental state. Betvisa, recognizing the seriousness of this situation, has always been at the forefront of ensuring that persons under 18 years of age are strictly prohibited from accessing its betting services. Betvisa is aware that it bears a great responsibility and has therefore taken strict measures to prevent access by minors.

  • Age Verification Processes;
  • Parental Control Features;
  • Warning Labels for Underage Users;
  • Regular Audits and Checks;
  • Cooperation with regulatory authorities.

Obviously, prevention among underage users is not only about prohibiting access, but also about awareness. Age verification procedures ensure that only those who are legally authorized to play participate, while regular audits and cooperation with regulators ensure the transparency of online bookmakers. 

Gambling addiction support at Betvisa

If someone feels that they are losing control of their betting, they should seek help immediately. Betvisa offers a dedicated support system for those who experience such problems. The company’s staff is trained to make recommendations, answer questions, and direct people to appropriate resources. 

Communication Channels:

  • Hotline: +855 67438423;
  • Email:;
  • Messenger: Telegram, WhatsApp;
  • Online chat: available 24/7.

For more in-depth answers to questions, email is recommended. However, if you want a quick response, phone support is the most immediate option. There is also an extensive FAQ section on the Betvisa website. In addition to these communication channels, Betvisa maintains an active presence on various social media platforms including Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. 


What is the Responsible Gambling Policy and how can it help Betvisa customers?

The Responsible Gambling Policy is a series of tools and support programs that will help Betvisa customers prevent, avoid or get rid of gambling addiction.

How does risk-free betting differ from regular?

Risk-free betting is a promotion offered by some sites where a player’s first bet is essentially “risk-free.” If they lose their initial bet, the site will refund their stake up to a certain amount, ensuring that players don’t lose money on their first wager.

What measures are implemented by betting sites for addiction prevention?

Sites, including Betvisa, have a range of tools and resources such as self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and access to counseling services to prevent and address betting addiction among their users.

What constitutes ethical betting behavior for players?

Ethical betting behavior involves placing bets responsibly, avoiding chasing losses, setting a budget, and being mindful of time spent on Betvisa.

How do betting sites ensure their integrity and fairness?

The sites use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that game results are random and fair. In addition, they are regularly audited by third-party organizations and comply with the rules set by gambling commissions to maintain the integrity and fairness of the game.