BetVisa’s VIP Program is a loyalty program that allows players to exchange their loyalty points for cash and exclusive benefits. In this program, players can earn Reward Points by playing casino games with real money bets. BetVisa offers six VIP Tiers that players can achieve by meeting certain requirements.

How to Join BetVisa VIP?

To join BetVisa’s VIP Program, players must register an account and make their first deposit. After the first deposit, players will receive 2500 Reward Points within 24 hours. Existing players’ Tier level is based on their current Reward Points. Players can contact Customer Support to learn more about Tier levels and maintenance points.

VIP Tier Benefits:

BetVisa’s VIP Program offers six Tier levels with various benefits, including monthly bonuses, weekly cashback, and birthday bonuses. Players can upgrade their Tier level by meeting the requirements listed in the table below:

VIP LevelRequired pointsExchange RateMonthly BonusBirthday BonusVIP Support ManagerMystery Prize
ROOKIEDepositNot Available
ELITE25,000100 RP = ৳31,500 Points৳1,000
PRO150,000100 RP = ৳63,500 Points৳2,000
MASTER300,000100 RP = ৳106,500 Points৳3,000
CHAMPION500,000100 RP = ৳1315,000 Points৳4,000
LEGENDARY900,000100 RP = ৳1625,000 Points৳5,000

Players in higher Tier levels may also receive additional benefits, such as a VIP Support Manager and Mystery Prizes.

How to earn Reward Points?

Players can earn Reward Points by playing any casino game with real money bets. The number of Reward Points earned depends on the type of game and the total amount of the bet, as summarized in the table below:

Sports and Live Casino Games৳751 RP
Slots, Fishing games, Cock Fighting and others৳351 RP

Terms and Conditions:

Players must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of BetVisa and the VIP Program. The following are the key terms and conditions of the VIP Program:

  • BetVisa may amend or modify the T&C of VIP at any time and will notify members of any changes.
  • In case of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the General T&C of BetVisa and the T&C of VIP, the latter shall prevail